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10 Sptember 2018  Updated drawing on Planning website, and other documents.

 Drawing 10 sep 18


10 Feb 2018 The Parish Council has received notification of a Planning Application for this site  It involves nine houses on the site of the existing Nursery School buildings and a new Nursery School building in the garden/farm area adjacent.  See  Leeds Public Access, and enter 18/00484 in the search box. 


15 Nov 2017 Presentation to the Parish Council was based on these display boards. They show the present buildings replaced by housing and a new buildng where the farm area currently is.  This is believed to be in the Green Belt.

Miller Homes Shires Grove development, Grove Road, in the parish of Clifford
There are gaps in this history which we are working on filling.  Please contact the webmaster if you have any documents you'd like to see here.

Documents you can download here:

Revised Traffic Management Plan (revised Aug 2018)

Revised Construction and Traffc Management Plan. (revised March 2018)  

Minutes of the second Community Liaison Group meeting, 10th Jan 2018

Submission to the Second Community Liaison Meeting by local residents regarding Traffic Management  January 2018

Minutes of the first Community Liaison Group meeting, 17th November 2017

The Community Liaison Plan, Approved 19 July by Leeds City Council

The Construction and Traffic Management Plan, approved by Leeds City Council

The grant of Full Planning Permission, 88 dwellings,19 July 2017

The document submitted to the Plans Panel, on 11th May 2017

And long before this, in 2013 Miller Homes held Community Involvement meetings. In Boston Spa.

'Call to Arms' from Boston Spa Parish Councl in August 2013 to fight plans for 104 houses.