Ordinary elections are next due in 2019. Normally any vacancy arising between elections is filled by co-option unless ten electors request a by-election. The cost of a full by-election is charged to the parish;  the co-option process has no cost.

 The current members of the council are:

  Lead Responsibilities Contact Number
Nicholas Fawcett (Chairman) Code of Conduct, Defra - based matters, Freedom of Information, , Register of Interests, 541178
Tony Blackmore (Vice-Chairman) Neighbourhood Plan, Planning, Environment and Sustainability 845985
Glennis Allan Health & Safety Inspections, Play Area, Playing fields Association, Community Grants 845348
Charlotte Lund
Planning 360177
David Hill Planning 842368
Pete O'Brien Highways & Transport 541036
Owen Milligan Planning, Northways Field 841121
Sue Park Planning, CPRE, Open Spaces Society, Yorkshire Rural Community council 844364
Andy Shaw Planning, Allotments, Footpaths, Licensing, Website 849789

 Nominated representatives on other bodies:

Leeds Branch, Yorkshire Local councils Association: Cllr Fawcett and the clerk

Charity of Richard Dawson: Cllrs Fawcett and Park

Village Hall Management Committee: Cllr Allan

Diggles First Fruits: Mr A. Pennington and Cllr Allan

Leeds North East (Outer) Area Committee Forum: Cllr Fawcett

Clifford Community Amateur Sports Club committee: Cllr Blackmore.

Clifford Allotment Holders Association: Cllr Shaw.

Record of Training Undertaken


Footpaths & Open Spaces Committee:
Membership & Terms of Reference

Agenda: 11 July 2016

Minutes: 27 January 2016; 29 February 2016 25th April 2016

Audit Committee:
Chairman (ex officio), Vice-Chairman (ex officio), Cllr Shaw; Internal Auditor.

Minutes: November 2015 (including Half Year Internal Audit Report)

Agenda: 20th April 2016 (including Full Year Internal Audit Report)