In 2012, we carried out a Household Survey questionnaire and Open Day to get a basic understanding about Clifford parishioners and their views and aspirations for the parish.

In 2013 we held another Open Day where parishioners could see and comment on the proposals we'd developed based on the 2012 surveys and further research.

In Autumn 2014, we carried out a two-stage pre-consultation survey to find out the level of community support for the proposed policies to be included in the Clifford Neighbourhood Plan.  This consisted of a short questionnaire sent to every household in the parish and an Open Day where people could see more detailed background information and give more detailed feedback.

You'll find a lot more information about all these counsultations via the links below.

Consultation Statemen. consultation statement
Pre-consultation survey (August / September 2014)

the questionnaire

the booklet

the results

Young parishioner survey findings Young Parishioner Survey (PDF)
Feedback from the 2nd Open Day on 26th October 2013. Open Day feedback (PDF)
A reminder of what the 2012 household survey looked like and asked  Household Questionnaire (PDF)
A reminder of the 2012 open day  Open Day pictures (PDF)

Main results from the 2012 household survey

core household survey results (PDF)
Summary of qualitative feedback
 - as presented on 22 Jan 2013

 feedback analysis (PDF)

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