CliffordNeighbourhoodPlan2016 cover The Clifford Neighbourhood Plan was "made" on 22nd March 2017.  You can download the Plan by clicking on the image opposite  → → → → →

The Decision Statement affirming the adoption of the Clifford Neighbourhood Plan can be downloaded here   You can also view copies of these at Boston Spa and Wetherby libraries, Clifford Village Hall and The Albion in Clifford.

This means that the Clifford Neighbourhood Plan is now a legally binding planning document covering new development within the parish.  It also means that a larger proportion of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) from new development in the parish will be available for direct investment to improve facilities for Clifford parishioners.

The adoption of the Clifford Neighbourhood Plan follows nearly five year's hard work by Clifford volunteers, lots of feedback from Clifford residents and other people with an interest in the parish - and an very decisive majority "yes" vote in the referendum.

The results from the referendum held on 26th January 2017 on whether to accept the Clifford Neighbourhood Plan were:-

YES = 290 ( = 91.8%)

NO = 26 ( = 8.2%)

Information is also available from the Leeds City Council web site.

Click on the links below to see some other information about the Clifford Neighbourhood Plan.


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