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The parish council is a ‘local council’ within the area covered by the Metropolitan District Council of Leeds City.
Its responsibilities and functions include: 

  • the right to be consulted on all

    planning applications for the parish            

  • provision of allotments

  • upkeep of the War Memorial

  • provision of litter bins and public seats

  • giving financial support to the Village Hall

  • maintenance of the children’s playground equipment

  • representing the views of the parish to Leeds City Council and others

  • within legal limits, to provide financial support to local organisations

  • management of Northways playing field & St Edward's Wood greenspace under lease from Leeds City Council

  • maintenance of footpaths under the paths partnership agreement with Leeds City Council.

 The Council has received a prestigious award as part of the Local Council Award Scheme. This achievement recognises that the council achieves good practice in governance, community engagement and council improvement. Moreover, the council goes above and beyond their legal obligations, leading their communities and continuously seeking opportunities to improve and develop even further.

Most of the parish council's income comes from the precept, collected by Leeds City Council, as part of the Council Tax. For 2018/19 this amount is £24,000. Each household’s share of this charge is shown on Council Tax demands. Detailed financial information can be found here.

Meeting dates, the Agenda for the next meeting and Minutes of previous meetings  can be found here


The Council welcomes applications for support funding from local groups and is happy to consider any proposals on the improvement of the village and its facilities from residents. An application form and guidance can be found here.


Every month the Council gives details of its activities in the Clifford Outlook. This is distributed to every household and a link to the latest edition can be found on the Home page in the Latest News section.


 Action Plan for 2018/19

    • Install mains electricity at the Community Sports Ground. (£33,000 in budget).
    • Refurbish the building at the Community Sports Ground. (£37,000 in budget).
    • Extend & improve the car park at the Community Sports Ground. (£14,500 in budget).
    • In liaison with the Trustees of the Village Hall, landscape the land at the front of the Hall.(£926 in budget).
    • Agree a timetable and costing for the production of a Traffic Management Plan for the whole parish. (£600 in budget)
    • Ensure that the remaining Shires Grove Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding is used effectively to improve the local infrastructure.
    • Build up the earmarked reserve for the playground to ensure that the facilities can be maintained and replaced. (£4,000 increase in budget)


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