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The documents listed below set out the rules which the Council has adopted to ensure that its business, particularly its meetings, is conducted transparently and in good order.

Clifford parish council Standing Orders

Clifford parish council Financial Regulations

Rules for the Effective Management of recording at Local Council Meetings

Recordings by the Council

Records Management & Retention Policy

Co-Option Policy

Training Statement of Intent

Clerk's Grievance & Disciplinary Procedures


If you believe that the Council, as opposed to an individual councillor, has not acted properly then please refer to our complaints procedure.

 Complaints Procedure


The Council is committed to ensuring that personal data is kept confidential & is only used for the intended purpose.

Data Protection & Security Policy

Privacy Notice


The Council welcomes applications for funding from local groups.

Grant Awarding Policy  and Application Form


Councillors are required to to act according to the principles of seleflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honest and leadership. The Code of Conduct sets out how they should behave when making decisions and representing the Council. The Councillors' Register of Interests can be found below.

Code of Conduct


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Read more: Register of Interests - Cllr Milligan

Read more: Register of Interests - Cllr O'Brien

Read more: Register of Interests - Cllr Park

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