Normally any vacancy arising between elections is filled by co-option unless ten electors request a by-election. The cost of a full by-election is charged to the parish;  the co-option process has no cost.

 The current members of the council are:

  Lead Responsibilities Contact Number
Nicholas Fawcett (Chairman) Code of Conduct, Defra - based matters, Freedom of Information, , Register of Interests, 541178
Tony Blackmore (Vice-Chairman) Environment and Sustainability 845985
 Pete O'Brien Website, licencing   
 Owen Milligan  Planning, Northway Field, Health & Safety Inspections, playarea  841121
Sue Park  CPRE, Open Spaces Society, Yorkshire Rural Community Council  844364
Ryan Bray Highways  
Eram Watson    
Andy Poulter  Footpaths  
James Lund    

Nominated representatives on other bodies:

Leeds Branch, Yorkshire Local councils Association: Cllr Fawcett and the clerk

Charity of Richard Dawson: Cllrs Fawcett and Park

Village Hall Management Committee: Cllr Milligan

Diggles First Fruits: Mr A. Pennington and Mrs G Allan

Leeds North East (Outer) Area Committee Forum: Cllr Fawcett

Clifford Community Amateur Sports Club committee: Cllr Blackmore.

Clifford Allotment Holders Association: Mr A. Shaw.


Council Committees/Working Groups:

Planning Working Group - Cllr Milligan, Cllr Park, Cllr Watson and Mr D Hill (co-opted member)

Sports Facilities Management Group:
Cllrs O'Brien (Chairman), Cllr Blackmore, representatives from Clifford Football Club and representative  from Clifford Scouting.

Buses & Byways Working Group:, Cllr Poulter and John Curtin with community representatives.

Audit Committee:
Chairman and Vice-Chairman, Internal Auditor Mr Richard Dorsey.
Minutes: June 2019 & Year End Internal Audit Report)





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