Metro offers a number of discount fare schemes including Metrocards (weekly, monthly and annual) and a range of Dayrovers.

A range of concessionary bus and train fares is available to school students, senior citizens (anyone over the age of 60), and people with disabilities.

The Metro permit (‘bus pass’) now offers free travel on local buses in all areas of England for senior citizens and disabled pass holders. In West Yorkshire these are valid from 9:30 a.m. (in North Yorkshire, inc. Tadcaster, from 9:00 a.m.) on weekdays, all day at weekends and public holidays. Some exclusions may apply e.g. on certain express bus services.

This Metro permit also entitles you to train travel within West Yorkshire only at the same times as for buses. The maximum concessionary fare on trains within the county is currently 35p. Look out for occasional special offers e.g. cheap day outings in winter on the Settle-Carlisle line. Please note that it does not apply to cross boundary journeys into other parts of Yorkshire or Greater Manchester.

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