The group is keen to welcome new members to take part in tracing the history of our village.  We also submit comments on planning applications which potentially affect historical features in the village.  We meet regularly through the year with a public presentation, usually in the autumn, on aspects of the history of Clifford open to all residents. This is held in  the  Village Hall  and  will be  publicised in  Outlook.   During the centenary years of World War 1 we will be researching the lives of the servicemen listed on our village war memorial. We are writing an article about each one in the month in which they died.

Contact: Lyn Parkin 842141 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download reports from Public Meetings:

- Waterwheel, John Smeaton and Clifford (revised 2012) by Alan Pennington
- Rocks and Stones of Clifford, by Phil Murphy
- SLAGging the boundaries of Clifford (Archaeobotany) by Barry Wright

Download the Clifford Village History Trails leaflet 2013 version. If you print it, you'll see that page 3 belongs on the back of page1 and page 4 belongs on the back of page 2.


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